New updates and improvements to Daftpage

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Many improvements to V2 🚀

- Default margins

- There’s now a default horizontal margin for all blocks except for sections, containers, connected-containers (it helps to create consistency across pages)

- A top margin is applied to the first block of the root container (except for containers, sections, connected-containers)

- Section block

- This block is useful for applying a specific background to a portion of the page

- Section vs container

- Section act like the root container. The padding system is applied inside it. It’s the only block that’s not padded by the root container

- Container block is padded by the root container. Container apply padding to child blocks

- BlockMenu

- Now the block menu is located at the top of the screen (I believe it's the right UX to make the editor usable on mobile in the future)

- Video embeds: Now you can add Youtube videos (and others platforms). Paste the video link to the Media Block > Asset manager > Add from URL (It works for drops too!)

- YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Mixcloud, DailyMotion, Kaltura


- Columns flow on mobile

- Option to choose to align content horizontally / vertically on mobile

- Snap resize

- Block resizing is now snapped to help with consistency

- Align block menu

- Now you can align Images and other blocks with this option

- Image circle

- Now images can be fully-rounded

- Page background

- Option to define a background for the current page

- New Drag and drop handles

- Resize auto containers

- Containers, Columns and Connected containers are resizing their height automatically (no need to resize the container manually when its content is growing)

- Enhanced the “New site” flow: Choose to start from a blank page or from a template

- Buttons are editable inline 😀


Many 🐛 fixes


Added new templates